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If you are considering buying a home, if you are anything like I would be, you are probably overwhelmed at the staggering amount of information (and “free advice”) available to you. There are reasons there is so much information “out there”:

(1) Buying a home can be an extremely complex process, depending on the circumstances.

(2) There are a lot of people (agents, brokers, mortgage professionals, attorneys, financial planners, etc.) who potentially stand to make a lot of money by offering services to people who are in the process of buying a home. (This is not NECESSARILY a bad thing. But it is important to know “who benefits” by offering each piece of advice.)

This being a “real estate” web site. And our business is real estate brokerage in the Greater Boston area. So, you know where we stand, and how we benefit from disseminating information to potential clients.

That being said, our approach to business is that “the educated client is the best kind of client.” Our goal is to build a relationship up-front with potential clients (before they are even “in the process”), so that, when the time does come to actually make a purchase, we will have established value and goodwill in such a way that people naturally (without any “pushy sales techniques”) want to use our services.

It is in the spirit of this way of doing business that we created this page as a Resource for people who are thinking about buying a home, whether or not you choose to work with us or not. (And, if working with us is not even an option, due to the fact that, perhaps you are looking for a home outside of an area we service, we are more than happy to refer you to a capable broker in your area.)


Where to Begin: The First Recommended Step in the Home Buying Process

If someone asked me “Where do I begin?” with the home buying process, I would make the following suggestion, as a first step: Make sure that you know where you stand financially and what you can afford. Part of this process involves interviewing and meeting with a mortgage professional. They can go through the numbers with you, and you can come away with a better idea of how much you can afford to pay (and what the monthly payments would be) for a home. You can then compare the “pre-approval” amount to the prices of homes in your area to see if it is enough to buy the type of home you want. If it doesn’t, you then have two choices: (1) wait until either home prices come down, or until your financial picture improves, or (2) adjust your expectations and home search criteria. Either way, you will have saved yourself a significant amount of potentially wasted time, and you will feel better by knowing the truth of the situation.


The Next Step: Interviewing a Broker

When you have a good understanding of your own “home buying” budget, and you have decided that it is a good time to buy, I would recommend talking with a qualified real estate broker, who can (a) help you avoid over-paying for the home you buy, (b) help you navigate the various steps in the process, and (c) save you time (at no expense to you.)

When meet with a broker, here are the questions I would recommend asking (in addition to any questions you may have had): 10 Questions to Ask Your Broker

When you have found someone with whom you feel comfortable, you are then ready to discuss setting up an arrangement where they actually represent you (as a legal fiduciary). Below is a link to our Guide to Buyer Agency. It not only covers the subject of “buyer agency,” it also outlines all of the additional steps in the home buying process.

Understanding Buyer Agency


Our hope is that you can use this informational package as a free, valuable resource to help you in your process.


If we can be of help in any way (even if you are looking for a home outside of our service area), please feel free to reach and connect with us. We are happy to help.

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