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Earth Day document shredding event

As a service to our community, we are holding a “shredding” event at our office, from 10-1, on April 22nd, 2017, which we scheduled to conveniently take place after tax filing time (so you can put aside items to be shredded as you are going through that process.) We have hired a professional, industrial shredding truck to come to our office parking lot, so that our community can bring documents to be shredded.

(Photo from last year’s shredding event)


Identity theft is a much bigger problem than most of us realize. (If you have ever been affected by “identity theft,” you can attest.) It is amazing the lengths some people will go, and the creativity they use, to commit identity theft.

What should you shred? Sometimes, it is better to be safe than sorry. You should listen to the advice of your tax professional as to which records/ items you should retain. Other than those items you decide to keep, please consider the following list of items to have shredded:

  • ATM receipts
  • Address labels from junk mail and magazines
  • Bank statements
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receipts
  • Documents containing maiden name (used by credit card companies for security reasons)
  • Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses
  • Documents relating to investments
  • Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers
  • Items with a driver’s license number
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Expired passports and visas
  • Items with a signature (leases, contracts, letters)
  • Pre-approved credit card applications
  • Receipts with checking account numbers
  • Resumés or curriculum vitae
  • Travel itineraries
  • Used airline tickets
  • Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)


I hope you find this helpful and would love to see you at our shredding event.

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